2021 Washington ACP Medical Student Mentorship Program

What: Led by the Council of Medical Students and the Council of Later Career Physicians,
Who should participate: All medical students and physicians! We are looking for several mentors across all different career points
When: This program will being in November and conclude in May
Where: You will coordinate with your match to have a conversation once a month whether via phone, zoom, or in-person; We will host 3 all match events in the program.
How the program works:
1. Submit your interest to become a mentor or a mentee
2. We will pair all mentors and mentees into “Matches” and announce those pairings at our kick-off meeting in November virtually via zoom
3.  Matches will meet once a month whether in-person or remote to discuss a pre-determined topic. These meetings are perfectly fine via phone, zoom, or whatever format you decide upon with your match for a minimum of 30 minutes. We will leave it up to Matches to decide to elaborate in time and topic with each other.
4. We will hold a mid-program February meeting with all Matches to discuss topics we’ve gone through so far and to check in on how Matches are doing.
5. We will conclude the program in May with an all-Match meeting
Please fill out the form below to join the program by Saturday, October 31st. 
Are you a mentor or a medical student