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The Washington Chapter of ACP is comprised of approximately 2,700 members promoting professionalism and education in internal medicine. 

ACP is a national organization of internists, the largest medical-specialty organization, and second-largest physician group in the United States. Our 154,000 members include internists, internal medicine subspecialists, medical students, residents, and fellows.

Internal medicine physicians are specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness.

Our Goals


To advocate responsi-ble positions on individual health and on public policy relating to health care for the benefit of the public, our patients, the medical profession and our members.


To serve the professionals needs of the membership, support healthy lives and improve the practice environment for physicians, and advance internal medicine as a career.


To promote and conduct research to enhance the quality of practice, the education and continuing education of internists, and the attractiveness of internal medicine to physicians and to the public.


To recognize excellence and distinguished contributions to internal medicine.


To unify the many voices of internal medicine and its subspecialties for the benefit of our patients, our members, and our profession.

A Welcome from Our Governor

Welcome to the ACP Washington Chapter online. We’re a chapter of over 2400 members. Our mission is to promote professionalism and education of our members. Founded in 1915, the American College of Physicians (ACP) is the nation’s largest medical specialty society.

ACP is the nation’s largest medical specialty organization. ACP, founded in 1915, and ASIM, founded in 1956 merged in July of 1998. Membership comprises more than 154,000 internal medicine physicians and medical students. Internists provide the majority of health care to adults in America.

Internists (doctors for adults) in our region are joined in the Washington Chapter, to speak for Internal Medicine in our state and to reflect the interests and concerns of our specialty. If you are an internist in Washington but are not yet an ACP member, I invite you to browse our site to learn more about the College and the Chapter activities in our area.

As Governor, I have the responsibility of representing our Chapter to the national organization; encouraging internists in our state to become members and members to advance to Fellowship; recognizing members; encouraging input and action on national and local political issues effecting the environment of internal medicine; hosting local scientific meetings and CME events; and encouraging medical student members and Resident/Fellow Members to participate in local and national College activities.

This site has been developed to keep internists in Washington and our membership up-to-date on developments and activities in our Chapter. Our newsletter and details about upcoming regional meetings will be posted here along with names and addresses so that you can communicate with us.

Any suggestions you might have for what should be included in our Web site are encouraged. Similarly, we would like to hear any suggestions you have for how the Washington Chapter of the ACP might help make us better physicians and improve the quality of the professional life of internists.

We hope that you will visit this site frequently and enjoy its contents.


Matthew Hollon

Matthew Hollon, MD, FACP
Governor, Washington Chapter

Our Leadership

Christopher Knight, MD FACP
Governor, Washington Chapter

Liz Truong
Executive Director, Washington Chapter

Our Executive Council

  • Matt Hollon, MD, MPH, FACP
  • Rebecca Ruud, MD, MACP
  • Carrie Horwitch, MD, FACP
  • Joyce Wipf, MD, FACP
  • Mary Anderson, MD, FACP
  • Jennifer Balde, MD, FACP
  • Kim O’Connor, MD, FACP
  • Christopher Knight, MD, FACP
  • Erin Edwards, MD
  • Anita Chopra, MD MBBS FACP
  • Ginger Evans, MD
  • Gary Forbes, MD, FACP
  • Jared Klein, MD
  • Divya Gollapudi, MD, FACP
  • Deepthi Mani, MD, FACP
  • Susan Merel, MD
  • Cathrine Wheeler, MD
  • Alvin Calderon, MD, PhD, FACP
  • Mary Ramsbottom, MD FACP


  • Amish Dave, MD MPH
  • Joey Parker, MD
  • Rachel Reeg, MD
  • Rachel Safran, MD FACP
  • Ananth Shenoy, MD FACP
  • Carmen McDermott, MD
  • Ken Steinberg, MD, FACP
  • Patricia Short, MD, LTC US Army, FACP


  • Sarah Schmidt, MD, FACP
  • Mary Shepard, MD, FACP
  • Stephanie Fosback, MD FACP
  • Bruce Smith, MD, MACP
  • Genevieve Pagalilauan, MD MACP
  • Doug Paauw, MD, MACP
  • David Dale, MD, MACP
  • Radica Alicic, MD

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