2024 Spring Scientific Day – Monday, May 20th 

Thank you to everyone that join us for our 2024 Spring Scientific Scholarship Day!

Thank you to all the presenters for a job well done!

Congratulations to our winners:

  • Oral Abstract Resident Presentation: Dustin Lee – Resident, Virginia Mason Empowering Resident Driven Quality Improvement: Optimizing Clinic Notes in a Residency Continuity Clinic
  • Oral Abstract Medical Student Presentation: Maxine Faith Vera Cruz – Medical Student, University of Washington School of Medicine Continuous Glucose Monitoring is Associated with Decreased HbA1c among Low-Income Patients with Diabetes at a Safety Net County Hospital in Seattle, WA
  • Top Poster Winner: Kamron Hamedi & Aysha Ayub – VMFH – St. Joseph Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Optimizing Sacubitril-Valsartan Utilization: A Quality and Improvement Strategy  for Heart Failure Patients with Reduced Ejection Fraction in Hospital Settings

And a special thank you to our Expert Panel for giving their insights on how they have integrated scholarship into their career trajectory. Thank you Dr. Paul Cornia, Dr. Anders Chen,  Dr. Lisa Chew, Dr. Barak Gaster, Dr. Helen Jack and Dr. Dawn DeWitt. 

If you missed any of the session presentations or would like to view the Expert Panel, the recordings are available here:

Pre-Recorded Poster Presentations 

# Name(s) Program Abstract Title Presentation Link 
1 Sujan Badal Resident, WSU Finding the root of the problem – Demyelinating polyneuropathy in Copper deficiency Poster Video
2 MaKenna Stavins Resident, UW Describing the “Hidden Curriculum” in Medical Education: A Novel Schema Poster Video
3 Rajan Bhardwaj Resident, Virginia Mason Medical Center – Internal Medicine Residency Optimizing Screening for SDOH in Hospitalized Patients Poster Video



Aysha Ayub & Kamron Hamedi VMFH – St. Joseph Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Optimizing Sacubitril-Valsartan Therapy: Strategies for Increasing Utilization at Hospital Discharge for Patients with Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction Poster Video


What is Spring Scientific? An invitation to students, residents, chief residents, fellows-in-training, and early career physicians as well as their mentors and program directors. Open to training programs within the Washington ACP Chapter (including Armed Services Chapter members stationed in Washington State)
To promote Research, Quality Improvement and Scholarship activities during training and provide opportunities to present your work.
We encourage all abstracts relevant to the field of Internal Medicine. Please note, however, that while most abstracts at our fall meeting are Clinical Vignettes, for our SPRING SCIENTIFIC session, we only accept abstracts in the following categories:
-Scientific research: Scholarship that advances medical knowledge; can include basic science or clinical research.
-Quality improvement / High value care: Scholarship that improves care delivery by increasing quality of care or reducing unnecessary costs.
-Medical education: Scholarship that describes an innovation or improvement in how we teach the practice of medicine.

Virtual conference with pre-recorded posters and live oral abstract presentations.
The top 9 submissions will be selected for live oral abstract presentation, and then a selection will be made for poster presentations. The top three posters will also be featured during the live conference.
The top abstracts will be selected based on the logic of the project design, how clearly and succinctly it is explained and the significance to the fields of general internal medicine and medical education.
Featured topics:
Expert Panel: Career Paths in Medicine and Scholarship

•The Top Place Medical Student and Resident Poster awardees will win $150!

•The Top Place Resident Oral Presentation awardee wins attendance to the National ACP Conference in 2025 in New Orleans, LA!