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Thank you to everyone that join us for our 2023 Spring Scientific Scholarship Day!

Thank you to all the presenters for a job well done!

Congratulations to the following Competition Winners:
Oral Abstract Resident Presentation: Pavane Gorrepati, Resident, Virginia Mason
The impact of genital psoriasis among psoriatic patients
Oral Abstract Medical Student Presentation: Jessica Jewell- Medical Student, Elson S Floyd College of Medicine
Utilization of student-facilitation techniques to improve faculty and peer perception of potential of medical students as ultrasound educators
And a special thank you to our Expert Panel for giving their insights on how they have integrated scholarship into their career trajectory. Thank you Dr. Luke Wander, Dr. Tony Gerbino, Dr. Addie McClintock, Dr. Linnaea Schuttner, Dr. Judith Tsui and Dr. Lynn Symonds.

If you missed the any of the session presentations or would like to view the Expert Panel, the recordings are below: